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On this page, you are able to choose the correct Jansen site throughout Belgium for delivery and invoicing.

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HP Hardware

All HP Hardware will be prepared and shipped throughout Europe from ARP Netherlands. If you need HP Hardware, you will need to login and place your PO at the ARP NL webshop. Shipping options throughout Europe will be available at ARP NL.


For ordering HP Client Hardware, go ‘to shop’ below.

IT Peripherals

All IT Peripherals will be shipped from the corresponding ARP, Bechtle or Inmac warehouse to the country where the Q-Park receiving site is situated. Shipping options will only be available from within the same country (e.g. you cannot ship IT peripherals to other countries).


For example, logging in at the ARP Belgium webshop will only let you ship IT Peripherals to ARP Belgium.


Your order will be shipped to: