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Secure, Flexible, Jointly Operated Government Services.

ARP has been a partner of the government for many years. With a specialist team of executive consultants, we advise the provinces of the Netherlands in addition to water management associations, Safety regions and local administrations on optimising their IT. We supply virtually all hardware, software licences and cloud computing contracts. Developments are emerging very quickly everywhere. In the last few years, government spending has taken on additional strain in the IT sector.

Confidential Data

The government deals with huge amounts of confidential data. Just think of all the additional work that local authorities have to do in this regard. Since the introduction of the European data protection law in 2016, safeguarding this data has become their absolute priority. ARP provides network security consultation and supplies fitting solutions—for mobile devices too, if desired. What to do with the data that’s saved on these devices? Let us help you create guidelines and apply them throughout your institution at the highest level of security, using encryption software, firewalls and cloud solutions as well as supplying professional printers.

The New Way to Work – Wherever and Whenever

Many authorities are catching up rapidly with this wide-spread trend. Mobile working is flexible and can even be done from the comfort of your own home. This trend does, however, require more work from the IT department, both internally and externally. Our executive consultants work directly with ARP’s mobility and connectivityspecialists and will accompany you every step of the way as you make the switch to the new way of working. This means we can ensure that the applications you’ve been working with for years will function properly on mobile devices. We set up a hybrid cloud solution and hand it over to you only when it’s fully functional. We also handle all delivery and installation of flexible desk-sharing work stations so that ‘plug & work’ is literally all your employees have to do.

Shared Service Centres

Many local authorities offer their services in clusters—known as shared service centres. Here at ARP, we’re familiar with the organisational and technical challenges associated with this type of cooperation and can help you set up a central help desk. Together with our partners, we handle all of the administration. Our hybrid cloud solution is the efficient way to achieve a fully redundant backup system that means downtime virtually only exists on paper.

Achieve More with Less Effort

Many IT departments are experiencing an increased workload and have to try to achieve more with less effort. We provide hands-on support, enabling you to focus on the strategic questions of your business. Liveflow, our e-procurement solution , connects our online catalogue directly to your purchasing system to simplify your procurement process. Everything then happens automatically—no more manual intervention required!

A complete solution from ordering to administration

A practical complete solution—we provide full workstations for your employees, including connectionspre-configurations and removal of your old devices. We can even convert large numbers of workstations in a single weekend if required, so that you can seamlessly start working with the new hardware on Monday. If desired, we can provide your employees with smartphones and training. These are just a few examples of the added-value services we provide.

Many provinces of the Netherlands in addition to water management associations, Veiligheidsregios (safety regions), and local administrations rely on ARP every day. From delivering IT requirements to strategic consultation – IT’s easy with ARP.