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Secure, Digital, Wireless Classrooms

Confidential information about pupils and students needs to be well protected. Since the introduction of the European data protection law in 2016, educational establishments have made safeguarding this data their absolute priority. ARP provides network security consultation and fitting solutions which take both external and internal threats into consideration. Now that cyber-attacks can be bought very cheaply over the internet, anyone can get their hands on them. Is your protection good enough?

We help you create guidelines and apply them throughout your institution. Our consulting services cover all aspects of network security from firewalls  and intrusion detection system and virus protection for end devices.

WLAN – Effortlessly Wireless

Over the last few years, wireless networks have become the backbone of educational establishments. We’re your partner for all matters data protection—we’ll ensure that pupils and employees alike have access to a fast, high-performance internet connection whenever they need it. Security is important here too. Let us help you develop your strategy down to the last detail. Looking to stop inappropriate videos being posting on social media at your school? You can allow your pupils access to Facebook while blocking the video upload feature. You can also set strict requirements that pupils’ mobiles have to meet. No virus scanner means no connection to the school’s WiFi network. Of course, we make sure that the public WiFi network is entirely separate from your school’s internal network.

Digitalisation in the Classroom

Many institutions are seeking to make their lessons more and more digital. Our education business managers will advise you on the solutions that best suit your establishment’s digital strategy. Which Platform is Right for You? Windows, Android or iOS? A digital classroom needs devices, something else we support schools and parents with. After discussion with the school we can set up a CYOD portal  (choose your own device) where parents can benefit from favourable conditions and easily order tablets that can be used at school. Where appropriate, we can also lease tablets so that parents don’t have to provide any devices but their children can still work digitally. We can usually find a way to accommodate most requests for special arrangements.

Turning Tenders into Success

he vast majority of IT projects in the education sector begin with a tender. We take each one very seriously even once our bid has been successful because that’s when the real work begins. That’s why we specifically employ a contract and service manager who works purely on coordinating and supporting all contracts resulting from tenders.


Many primary schools, secondary schools and universities rely on ARP every day. From delivering IT requirements to strategic consultation—IT’s easy with ARP.