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3-in-1 computing the next wave?

Published on 7 November 2016 3-in-1

Recently HP inc. launched the HP elite X3. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a phablet which is positioned as a complete workplace concept. Due to the possiblities of desktop/app virtualisation, its crazy specs and corresponding battery power, it should be possible to replace a phone, desktop and mobile device, solely by this one device. Are you interested in specs and features? A good review of the device itself can be found via the techradar.com link below. If you are more focussed on what it could mean to you, I encourage you to read on.

It may be no secret that the workforce is changing. Today’s IT users are no longer satisfied with a ‘down to minimum’ user experience and a device that just does its job. Today’s users demand the full blown user experience to which they have gotten used to in their private life. This includes: innovative technology, sleek design, user-friendly devices and swift performance.

Now what should we do? BYOD policies have failed due to security and manageability issues. Also it might turn out quite expensive to equip the workforce with high-end ultrabooks, smartphones and desktops.

What we want is to provide the right user experience, with the right security at the right costs so that IT enables employees to maximize their productivity. Well, we all buy an X3 and we’ll live happily ever after right? Not precisely. As with all IT solutions it is all about architecture. In order to use the HP Elite X3 for the best, it is important to have the right EMM and VDI infrastructure. To design such an infrastructure it is essential to work with partners that take time to investigate what drives your business. And as you might guess, I am glad to work with you.

Joining in the current shift to cloud based computing, 3in1 computing might just be the logical next step. I would be thrilled to engage in your thoughts on this trend. What might be the impact on the costs of software licencing? Should you use a managed cloud solution, host yourself or chose a more hybrid architecture? How can we create the best user experience to maximize productivity?

What do you think 3-in-1 computing is able to bring your business?


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